Half the battle in getting your taxes done is getting organized! We’ve created organizers to help you assemble your information.

Here’s how you can help prepare your taxes:

  • Use the organizers! Unless noted on the organizer, I just need the total. Completely fill in the “Yellow Organizer”. This includes writing down the totals for your medical deductions. You keep the receipts for your records. If I need more information I’ll let you know!
  • Please don’t  use staples! They have to be removed to complete your tax return. Paperclips are okay.
  • Skip the highlighting! When you use a highlighter it can interfere with what our scanner can see and the staff uses highlighting of specific information to assist in the preparation of your return.
  • Be sure to open all envelopes containing tax information.
  • Please don’t use Post-it notes, stickies, scrap paper or notebook paper. If you are printing out forms or totals from your computer, please do NOT double side the printing or use the backs of other documents. Your tax information is too important for anything smaller than a full sheet of paper!
  • If you make non-cash donations IRS requires I have the list of items donated, the date donated, and a receipt from the organization. I can no longer accept a note that says, “$300 non-cash”.
  • If you claim mileage, you must provide a mileage log. Due to changes in IRS regulations, I can no longer accept notes that say, “12,000 business miles; 2,000 personal”.

And I love to give a Preferred Client Discount to my clients who help us out!

‘Yellow’ Organizer

Completely updated for the 2014 filing season, the Yellow Organizer is a checklist for what you’ll need to bring in as well as where you can record the totals for your medical deductions.

How did the ‘Yellow’ Organizer get it’s name? That’s because we mail it to our client every year – printed on yellow paper!


Non-Cash Donations

If you donated goods to a recognized charity, please use this form to record what you donated. We’ll also need the dated receipt issued by the charity.


Schedule C

If you’re self-employed, have a business, or received a 1099-MISC, this is the organizer you need!



Schedule E

This is for rental properties. Please use one copy of the organizer for each of your rental properties!



Vehicle Expenses

This is for any mileage for a Schedule C, Schedule E, Medical Miles, or Charitable Miles. Please use one organizer PER type of mileage! If you use multiple forms Schedule C, please use one vehicle expense organizer per business.

If you need a mileage log for 2015, you can call the office or stop in and pick one up! If you have a Schedule C, one will be provided to you when you pick up your return.



Equipment Organizer

Did you buy new equipment, tools, or furniture for your business or rental this year? Many items need to be depreciated on your takes. This organizer will record the information we need!

Examples include: office equipment like computers, monitors, cameras, printers, etc; heavy tools like generators, trucks, welders, etc; new furniture and furnishings like carpet, roof, file cabinets, desks, stoves, washer/dryer, etc.


Business Use of Home

If you have a home office, this is the organizer for you! You may also want to use the Simplified Method. If you’re not sure which method is best for you, don’t hesitate to call the office!



Recommend a Friend Certificate

Over the past 23 years, I’ve found that potential clients prefer to learn about our services based on the recommendations of their friends and family. If you know someone who would benefit from my tax preparation services please give them one of the enclosed Recommend-a-Friend certificates. If your friend becomes a new MDI client, I’ll give you a $25 discount on next year’s tax return!

Remember: there is no limit on how many discounts you can receive!